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Advanced Functional Medicine

What is Advanced Functional Medicine?

The idea of functional medicine has been around since the late 1990s. Medicine realized that the western medical approach to helping people was broken. Functional medicine rose out of the ashes of that system to help people obtain optimal health, not just disease prevention. It started with doctors recognizing that existing lab ranges only applied to those that were sick. Lab testing didn't take into account healthy or so called functional ranges.

Today's functional medicine has gone the way of the old western medical system. There's too much testing and not enough treating. Many of the tests offered online for the patient cost thousands of dollars and don't yield any change in patient outcome.

The new advanced functional medicine looks at all available tests including: physical tests, neurologic tests, kinesiological tests, physical therapy type modalities, etc. Before thousands of dollars in testing are ordered, the physician determines the best approach to testing to yield the most desirable outcome, as decided by the doctor and the patient. Food allergies for example can be easily tested, but the reliability and efficacy of those tests are very questionable. Just because a lab test says you might have a sensitivity to a certain food doesn't mean you're actually allergic to that food. It does however, indicate that somewhere in your immune system an argument is happening over what to do with that particular food.

Advanced functional medicine looks at all of the factors and distills it down into the greatest common denominators to achieve the quickest results with the least amount of testing.

What Lab Tests Can We Offer? In-Office lab testing and analysis is available for: WAVI Brain Scan, Thermometry, Urinalysis, NeuralChek and Terrain Analysis (see What is Terrain Analysis for more details). Test kits can be provided for: Saliva, Stool and Hair Analysis. Requisition forms can also be provided for: Blood, MRI, and X-Ray needs.

What is NeuralChek? NeuralChek is a stress test for your brain and heart. In under 5 minutes we can test how your brain perceives stress and how that impacts your heart.

What is IHS Terrain Analysis? Terrain Analysis is a functional assessment of the body’s internal biochemistry. Using a comprehensive series of tests that evaluate urine, saliva and other parameters we identify the areas of imbalance and make the appropriate recommendations. Terrain Analysis tests the following:  Acid-base equilibrium in the body, Specific mineral imbalances, Effects of stress on the body, Presence of abnormal metabolites in the body, Digestion absorption, assimilation and utilization of micro nutrients, Overgrowth of abnormal bacteria in the digestive system, Evidence of adrenal dysfunction, Presence of free radicals and increasing oxidative stress in the body, Antioxidant status. The Terrain Analysis does not rely on expensive equipment and lab tests. It helps identify subtle imbalances before severe damage sets in. The analysis also acts as a “gateway test” by helping to determine the need for when additional and more specific lab work is necessary.

What is Urinalysis? A urinalysis is a test of your urine. A urinalysis is used to detect and manage a wide range of disorders, such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes. A urinalysis involves checking the appearance, concentration and content of urine.

What is a Zinc test? Hold two teaspoonfuls of liquid Zinc in the mouth for at least 10 seconds. A lack of taste or a delayed taste perception in the mouth may indicate a possible zinc insufficiency. If an immediate taste perception occurs, the zinc status may be adequate. Zinc Test can be swallowed after tasting.

Check out these videos for helpful tips on common health concerns: Stress, Anxiety, Sleep

Chiropractic Functional Neurology

IHS offers a comprehensive approach to chiropractic care, specializing in chiropractic functional neurology.  Depending on your specific needs, the doctor that you see may use one, or all, of these modalities during your treatment:

What is Chiropractic Functional Neurology? Functional neurology is a system of using proven neurologic testing real-time with a patient to measure changes in outcome that happen from applying different modalities. Those modalities could include chiropractic care, exercise, nutrition, somatic therapy, and other methods that improve neurologic function. It is currently the main method of assessment for recovering people from traumatic brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer's / dementia, Parkinson's, and other disorders of the central nervous system. Currently, functional neurology is the only reliable way to measure real-time changes in a person's neurology following the application of a therapy. Check out this short video: Chiropractic Functional Neurology

What is chiropractic care? A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of the bones that protect the spinal cord. It is a kink in the wiring of your nervous system. The severity of the subluxation can vary, and there are a number of potential contributing factors: physical, emotional, mental, or chemical. The subluxation can be caused by any number of incidents, from birth trauma to an auto accident to simple repetition or over-use. 

What is Applied Kinesiology (AK)? AK uses bioenergetics feedback through testing the strength of various muscles in the body. This is a highly individualized, in-depth system of analysis.  It allows the doctor to assess various aspects of a patient’s state of health by evaluating and treating the following postural and muscular imbalances, neurovascular and neurlymphatic points, subluxation, cranial-sacral movement, acupuncture meridians and nutritional status. AK gives insight into the underlying causes and solutions to many functional health problems.

What is a Concussion? Check out this short video: Concussion 101

What is Migun? The Migun mats are made up of jade stones and far infrared heat that help cleanse the body of EMF from the day and promote relaxation and blood flow throughout the body. The Migun mat is sometimes used before chiropractic adjustments to prepare the body for treatment.

What is Scalar Wave Laser Therapy? These cold lasers are a low powered laser which will not cut or burn tissue, rather it will work to gently donate energy to rejuvenate the cell. The laser donates energy to cells which stimulate the part of the cell which makes energy, this regenerates tissue and cells. It is ideal for sprains, breaks, strains, tears, fractures, muscle soreness and so much more. Check out this short video: Laser Therapy

What is Rapid Release?  The Rapid Release tools help relax muscles and relieve minor aches and pains. These innovative tools deliver precise, continuous vibration treating a variety of aches and pains. 

What is B.E.S.T.? The Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) helps to uncover and unlock sabotaging patterns allowing you to soar to new levels of health and well-being. This treatment helps locate and alleviate neurologic imbalances caused by trapped and unresolved trauma in the subconscious mind. Treatment is hands on and results are real time. Guidance on nutritionally  based corrections may be given, as well as any rehabilitation techniques. Check out this short video: B.E.S.T.

WAVI Brain Scan

The WAVi Brain Scan provides direct measurements of brain function, while assessing the different frequencies of brain waves (alpha, beta, theta, delta) and their amplitudes.

Through this brain EEG, the WAVI Brain Scan provides panoramic views of the brain that can help us identify potential areas of concern, such as: Pre-symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease; Loss or slowing of memory; ADHD; ADD; Concussions or other mild traumatic brain injuries caused by falls, car accidents and sports concussions (MTBI); PTSD; Depression; Anxiety.

Suffering from an illness that affects your brain might seem scary, but there’s a great deal of power in knowing exactly what you face. A brain scan is a great choice if you need clarity regarding a depression diagnosis or if you want to better understand how PTSD affects your well-being. The WAVi scan is also ideal for individuals who want to identify the very earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s or who are concerned about cognitive function after a possible concussion. It is also FDA approved as a diagnostic tool for ADD and ADHD.

During the scan, a certified brain health coach will place a lightweight headset on your head. You’ll be asked to complete some mental tasks while your coach looks at cognitive and electrical activity in the brain. The scan can identify cognitive impairments and can even reveal whether the different hemispheres of your brain are symmetrical. This is helpful because different regions of the brain are associated with specific ailments. After the test is over, your results will be reviewed and a report of findings consultation will be scheduled with you.

For more details check out this short video: WAVI Brain Scan

Regulation Thermometry

This state of the art health testing system identifies physiological dysfunction very early in the disease process. 

Alfa Thermometry is a digital system that uses high definition thermal sensors to take before and after temperature readings of over 100 points in the body.

If the nervous system is aware of a problem in the tissue, the temperature will increase. If unaware, or blocked, the temperature will decrease.

This non-invasive, gentle test provides a window into the neuroimmune imbalances that are often silent until they become a life changing event. Like Doppler radar for an impending storm, we primarily use this technology to discover hidden barriers to healing.

Some organ and tissue patterns that can be accurately recognized by this system: Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes, Breast Health, Endocrine Function, Dental Infections, Cardiac Function, Viral & Bacterial Disease Monitoring, plus so much more.

For more details check out this short video: Thermometry

Firefly Light Therapy

This amazing technology is a safe and non-invasive light therapy to help with pain, gut issues, neurological disorders and so much more!

What is it? Firefly light therapy accelerates the healing of a wide variety of chronic conditions and soft tissue injuries. It can relieve pain, promote wound healing and provide therapy for arthritic conditions and neuropathy. For the ultimate healing experience, pair Firefly light therapy treatments with chiropractic care and/or acupuncture!

How does it work? Firefly emits packets of light called photons. These photons break the painful inflammation cycle by dilating small blood and lymphatic vessels. This process increases circulation, removing irritating inflammation which then accelerates healing and pain relief. Your immune and nervous systems can also benefit from light therapy, increasing activity for faster repair of damaged tissues and increasing the release of nitric oxide.

What can Firefly help with? Firefly can help with the following: Parasites, Lyme, IBS, Gut Bacteria, Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Neuropathy, Epstein Bar, Pain, and so much more!

There are many reasons this light therapy is the ideal choice compared to other therapies:

  • Faster Healing: Accelerates cell development and stimulates bone and cartilage regeneration.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Action: Reduces swelling and accelerates healing of soft tissue injuries.
  • Increased Vascular Activity: Increases microcirculation of lymphatic system and small blood vessels.
  • Stimulates Nerve Function & Regeneration
  • Fast: Typical treatments last only 5-10 minutes
  • No Drugs Required
  • Safe and Non-Invasive

Does it hurt? Most patients will only feel a slight warmth caused from increased blood circulation to the treatment area. Firefly does not emit any x-ray or ionizing radiation. It diffuses the light, reducing the risk of burn.

How many treatments do you need? Depending on the condition and it's severity, the number of treatments will vary. Traditionally a minimum of 4 sessions is required per treatment area. Additionally, no more than 4 days between each session to receive optimal results.

For more details check out this short video: Firefly Light Therapy

SHAPE ReClaimed

SHAPE is different from other weight loss programs. It’s all about health restoration! Shedding toxic weight is an added benefit. It works at a neurological and cellular level to promote long-term success. SHAPE targets and decreases inflammation in the body.

Unlike most, this program is practitioner supervised from start to finish. Urinalysis is used to measure how your body is adapting to the program and to help make necessary dietary adjustments to promote the best results possible.

SHAPE provides the opportunity to learn new habits, new lifestyle choices and how food plays a primary role in your overall healing. Reclaim your life today!

For more information check out these short videos: SHAPE IntroductionSHAPE 1000

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine rebalances the bodies energy and harmonizes the organs energy flow through the use of acupuncture, cupping, diet and lifestyle.

TCM can promote healing and reduce pain with the use of acupuncture and cupping.

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s ability to heal injured tissue through the nervous and immune system, also releasing endorphins to reduce pain.  It relaxes smooth muscles that are tightened, reduces pressure on joint structures and nerves while promoting blood flow and oxygen to tissue.

Fire cupping allows blood, microcirculation and lymph to move freely, which promotes healing.  It treats pain, eases deep scar tissue while reducing circulating toxins through the skin.  

For more details check out this short video: TCM

Virtual Appointments

With the help of modern technology, we are able to provide virtual appointments for patients when appropriate.

Whether it is to review lab work, a detailed explanation of in-office test results (ie: WAVI, Thermometry...), follow-up for out-of-state patients or consultations for new patients around the world, we are no longer limited by distance.

We have dedicated virtual appointment times. These virtual appointments can be recorded and sent to you for future reference as well. This is a valuable option to help everyone continue on their journey to health and wellness.

Whole Body Healing

As a master certified health coach, Jennifer Webb, uses a variety of alternative methods to address complex emotional, spiritual and physical challenges.

She provides evidence based coaching, compassionate communication, appreciative autonomy and motivational interviewing.

In addition, Jennifer uses healing methods that include, but are not limited to: Emotional Healing Techniques, Auricular Therapy, Electromagnetic Field Restoration and Holistic Life Coaching.

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. Starting her career as an EMT specialist, she also worked in gastroenterology and critical care for over 10 years.

Eventually developing and establishing a more comprehensive approach to restore and enhance the whole body. She started this by obtaining certifications in life coaching, energy balancing and auricular therapies. In May 2019, she completed the Master Certified Health Coach program through Dr. Sears Wellness Center.

With Jennifer’s wide variety of techniques, sessions are tailored to your specific needs. For appointments please call 734-635-1600.

Click this link to meet Jennifer

Whitaker Therapy

Parker Whitaker is a Muscle and Pain Therapist who specializes in Muscle Release Technique (MRT) and Release & Repattern Muscle Therapy (RRMT).

MRT is a treatment as well as a philosophy of how to view muscles and their physiology. The treatment includes a combination of pressure and isolated rhythmic stretching in conjunction with proper breathing to release soft tissue. The treatments are applied for recovery, prevention, and performance. Sessions can be focused on a specific area of need, for a specific activity, or a general all over evaluation and treatment. Clients can either wear flexible clothing that allows access to needed area(s) or can be draped in a more traditional bodywork fashion. Sessions also include applicable self-help stretches.

RRMT is an expansion of MRT work. This work incorporates a fusion of other movement therapy techniques blended in a unique way to optimize healing and solve difficult cases. For appointments please call 734-459-4538.

Click this link to meet Parker


RightEye is an amazing new technology that is a more comprehensive eye exam focusing on functional vision.

What is functional vision? Life's most basic activities rely on your eyes, eye muscles and brain working together to navigate the world. Tasks like: driving a car, walking up and down stairs, playing sports, reading a book, watching a movie, maintaining your balance and more. It's this eye-muscle-brain connection that creates your functional vision. When your functional vision is out of sync it can impact your life in big and often unexpected ways.

What are signs that you may have a functional vision problem? Difficulty concentrating, rereading or skipping lines of print, short attention span, poor reading comprehension, poor coordination or balance, slow completion of work, previous brain trauma (concussion, stroke), loss of interest in reading, headaches...

What makes the RightEye vision exam different than a routine exam? RightEye’s non-invasive eye-tracking technology tests, records, analyzes, and reports minute eye movement patterns at a level of detail not feasible through observation-only exams.

Our RightEye technology can be beneficial in early detection of cognitive decline. This simple vision test can help us assess one's vision and memory. Upon completion of the test, the Right Eye creates individualized exercises to help improve vision and cognitive function. It can also improve your comprehension and learning ability, sports ability, headaches, concentration and so much more. It really is beneficial for everyone of all ages. A simple 30 minute test can help you avoid a serious cognitive, or visual, impairment in the future.


The AmpCoil System utilizes sound technology combined with biofeedback and an electromagnetic coil to deliver sound frequencies that harmonize, balance, and support you on your journey to wellness.

This exciting new technology will only take up to 30 minutes per session and give you a moment to truly just sit back and relax while the program runs.

Veda Hydration

Veda Hydration is an IV (intravenous) hydration drip and vitamin therapy service, centrally located in Detroit, MI, with the focus of keeping you balanced and in optimum health. IHS is the newest location where services are offered. We offer booster shots and targeted IV infusions full of healthy fluids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes and other essential nutrients to restore hydration and help support the immune system. Whether you are rundown, hungover, or an athlete in need of a quick recovery solution, we've got you covered with an IV infusion or vitamin booster shot.

IV drips deliver essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream. The advantage of IV fluid over oral intake is that your digestive system is completely bypassed. This results in maximum absorption at a quicker rate and immediate replenishment at a cellular level.

Booster shots quickly give you energy and allow your body more time to absorb their nutrients. An intramuscular shot allows the body more time to process the medication and gives it the ability to build up stores.

Cosmetic Injections are now avaialble! Now offering Botox, lip and facial fillers. We can help you look as good as you feel!


MotionEffect is a Personal Training program, run by Erin Brockenshire, that focus' on rehabilitating poor movement patterns. The goal is to help you get out of pain by teaching you how to move, rather than just being active.

To allow you the most convenience to achieve your goals, MotionEffect sessions can be completed at a location of your choosing, like home or work. Sessions can also be completed at our IHS Suites location, #103. You do not need any equipment for the MotionEffect sessions, our trainer will have everything needed to help you reach your goals.

Schedule an individual session, a 4, 8,12 session package, or do continuous training. Erin is trained to provide you with the tools to reach your goals and will work with you until you succeed.


This new, innovative, smart suit technology has changed the way we
think about rehabilitation, movement and fitness. With the help of a trained
professional, Neuro20 can provide you with a full body workout, rehabilitation
from an injury/trauma/improper movement patterns, post concussion therapy and

What is it? The Neuro20 Pro System is a whole-body neuromuscular stimulation system with programs for NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation), FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation, and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).

What are the benefits of Neuro20? The Neuro20 technology can help improve muscle recruitment, bone growth, muscle injury recovery, faster reaction times, sequential muscle firing precision neuroplasticity. It can also increase local blood flow, strength, lymphatic drainage, flexibility and range of motion. Additionally, Neuro20 can decrease injury recovery time, swelling, muscle spasms, pain, muscle atrophy and delayed onset muscle soreness.

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