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St. John's Wort High Grade (200 mL)

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High quality St John's Wort contains the naphthodianthrones hypericin and pseudohypericin (hypericins), flavonoids, phenolics and other compounds. St John's Wort High Grade 1:2 contains a higher percentage of hypericins than the regular St John's Wort product. This product contains a minimum of 0.4 mg/mL of hypericins to ensure optimal strength and quality. The phytochemicals in St John's Wort High Grade 1:2, particularly the naphthodianthrones, work together to:

  • Calm the nerves and restore balance in temporary mood swings
  • Support healthy emotional and nervous system response following stress
  • Prolonged exercise or during menstruation
  • Support the body's natural ability to cope with the changes of everyday life
  • Provide a tonic for the nervous system
  • Ease the effects of occasional stress
  • Promote optimal immune system response in relation to environmental stresses

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